Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daytime Ottawa

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this past weekend I flew to Ottawa to appear on their morning show, Daytime Ottawa and also visit Lo, one of my best friends in the world. I was on the show to talk about three Summer Trends, the three being pastels, the 1920's and mixed prints.

Unfortunately, in my rush to get to the show on time, I forgot my memory card at home, sitting in my computer. Because of this, I was unable to take any photos at the studio, so you'll have to forgive me for the grainy screenshots.The hosts Derick and Melody (who did a great job filling in for their regular female host, Lois) were so kind and gracious, and made me feel immediately at ease. We didn't go over any of the questions before the show, so I really had to think on my feet, but I don't think I did such a bad job for my first time on live television!

The first trend that I spoke about was Pastels for summer. I brought with me two pieces by Wilfred, available at Aritzia.
The second piece that I brought with me was my own Rag & Bone dress from Holt Renfrew. I used this to illustrate the theme of the 1920's that was prevalent this season, and to show how pieces can be "flapper-esqe" without being too literal and costume-y.
The last pieces I brought with me were from Zara, and I used them to represent the trend of mixed prints (which you know is one of my favourites!). I chose two neutral coloured patters to show people watching, who might be a little frightened of mixing prints, how easy it is to do if you stick with like colours.
Derick caught me off guard when he asked me about my outfit, and I momentarily forgot where Martin Margiela was from (I just couldn't remember where Antwerp was, whoops!), but that was my only real slip up. I also talked about my love of rose gold jewellery. I was wearing a dress and blazer by Wilfred, shoes my Maison Martin Margiela, necklace by Alexis Bittar and watch by Michael Kors.

Unfortunately, I can't embed the full video on my blog, but CLICK HERE to see the full appearance. A big thank you to Laura, Derick, Melody and everyone at Daytime Ottawa for being so lovely and creating such a comfortable, laid back atmosphere for all of the guests! x E


  1. lovely!congrats!

    Polly with love

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations,you look wonderful :)


  3. wow! tv appearence! that must have been wonderful! good for you!

  4. You were so great! Congratulations! :)

  5. I've been reading your posts via RSS feed so WOW what a change on your actual website! It looks wonderful, and really showcases your posts better. Just finished watching your clip - you owned it! Best of luck on your future endeavors. :)

    xx from Montreal,


  6. How exciting! What an amazing opportunity!
    - Laura

  7. you look gorgeous on TV! And I love your MMM booties!



  8. Congratulations, such a wonderful opportunity to be on TV-it sounds like you did an amazing job!
    xo Cara

  9. Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,


  10. Liz!
    This is amazing! You look great. I'll be your assistant when your famous ;)

  11. I loved watching the show!! Congratulations! I think you did a fantastic job! I would have been so nervous to be on live television, but you looked like a pro!

    Loved the dress also!

  12. Congrats, darling ~ how exciting!
    Love your hair :)


  13. Glad I stumbled on your blog. I catch Daytime Ottawa sometimes but definitely missed this episode. Judging from the photos, you have awesome style and look awesome doing it!


  14. Looks like a fantastic segment. Thanks so much for sharing! All the best on blogging and of course, fashion.

  15. Liz I'm so excited for you! Going to watch the video now. Congrats!

  16. that amazing well done hun - id be so bad - i literally cant think in my feet x

  17. THATS AMAZING congrats!
    i used to go to school in ottawa great place
    you looked fabulous!

    fashion provocateur

  18. Oh my gosh - Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you that you got to do this. First of all, you look stunningly gorgeous and really naturally pretty. I'd definitely take advice from you just based on your look here, haha (shallow, but true).

    Second, that Zara ensemble you pulled together is SO. PERFECT. I'm headed to their website right now to see if I can recreate something similar. Really awesome. I appreciate the print-mixing advice, because that's a trend I have a difficult time executing.

    Great great great post! And I like the screenshots! Maybe losing your memory card was for the best, because this really emphasizes that the whole thing was on air.


  19. this is so cool! just checking out the video now..

    katie x

  20. oh waoh congrats and u are always beautiful