Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Style ME

So you guys, I have a request of all of you! Do you need a makeover or have a friend who does? As many of you know, I'm one of the stylists on Much Music's new makeover show StyleMe on New Music Live. We are looking for candidates between the ages of 18-24 (yes, boys too!) who live in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area to be on the show. While we're looking for people everywhere, I specifically wanted to open it up to readers of my blog. Basically, the shoot would involve hanging out with myself or one of the other stylist's, our host Liz Trinnear, one of your friends and a few cameramen for a day to go shopping, an afternoon of your time for the LIVE show, and a few more hours of your time, depending on whatever the producers are cooking up. You or your friend (whoever needs the makeover) will get a whole new hair cut and colour, a gorgeous makeup application and a brand new outfit. Sounds pretty good right?
Iffff you are interested, make a short video talking about why you are your friend should be on the show. If possible, also have a close friend, sibling, coworker, whoever, be a part of the video.Give us a tour of your closet and talk about what problems you're having with your wardrobe and what changes you'd like to see. Send the video to either myself and I will forward it on for you, or send it directly to nmlfashion@bellmedia.ca.
Aaaand now to the outfit post!

I don't remember where this dress is from, but I know my sunglasses are Tom Ford and my bag is vintage Dooney & Bourke! x E


  1. what a cute dress! It looks so beautiful and ethereal :)

  2. I absolutely adore that dress!!

    <3 Melissa

  3. Looking pretty and ethereal!! Love this!


  4. Gorgeous outfit! Lovely background for the photos too! x

  5. super cute! i am in love with this! xx


  6. That is such a beautiful outfit, so carefree and light. I wish I was in Canada so I could get a makeover :)

  7. the sunglasses are amazing!

  8. lovely outfit!
    such a cute dress x

  9. Haha I'm from Ottawa but I would totally go to Toronto for a day for the show!

  10. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous location!

    xo Cara

  11. Beautiful dress !!!
    Lovely outfit !!!


  12. I would say Style ME, but I already enjoy my wardrobe. Plus I'm 25.

  13. Ahhh, that sounds like such a cool job! I wish I knew someone who needed a makeover, but my friends are set in the fashion department.

    Anyways, lovely outfit! You look amazing, that dress looks so fun and breezy, although it's definitely gotten too cold for lovely summer dresses.

  14. The dress is cute. perfect for summer!