Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Obsessed With You: December 17th

I've been asked quite a few times now on Formsping to name my five favourite things at the moment (possibly by the same person who is annoyed I'm not giving a proper answer? If so, I'm so sorry! I'm super behind on answering questions, and that's been one I've been mulling over for a while), and I thought that rather than list them there, I'd make a post about it. This might become something I'll do again in the future... but then again, it might not. Let me know what you think, and tell me what your five favourite things are right now too!

1) Anna Karenina - the book AND the movie: 

I am SUPER embarrassed that despite studying literature in university, I never read this book. After seeing the film last week, I left the theatre in a daze, unable to get the story or Anna off my mind. I'm a HUGE Joe Wright fan, especially when his work involves Keira, so I'm a tad biased, but the cinematography in the movie took my breath away, and the casting was perfect. I found myself completely relating to Keira's Anna, and yet frustrated with her actions, and being completely in love with Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Vronsky, yet hating myself for falling for such a rogue... When I left the theatre, I walked immediately into Indigo and bought a copy of the book. Though I'm not even a quarter of the way through yet, I know already that it's one of my favourite novels ever. 

2) Alexandre Birman Red Lady Like Pump - (Available for Pre-Order on Moda Operandi here)
Are these or are these not the hottest shoes you've seen lately? Alexandre Birman is a footwear brand I only discovered last season. While I don't love every pair he does, the ones he does right are soooo right.

3) Cynthia Rowley Flask Bracelet (available here)
My friend Dani brought these to my attention early last week and I still can't believe that I don't own them yet. Not only are they super chic and perfect for layering, they're incredibly practical. The days of buying overpriced martinis at expensive bars, being stuck with limited choices at concert venues or paying for drinks at non-open bar weddings are behind us with this genius invention. And their use goes far beyond alcohol - I'm thinking of filling them with lemonade on a hot summer's day or with water when my bag is just too full to carry a bottle. Who says fashion can't be functional?

4) Elizabeth Arden Velva Moisture Film (available here and here)
The packaging? Not great. But everything else about this product is fantastic. My mother used it for as long as I can remember, and I still associate the scent with cuddling with her as a child. While it went off the market for a while years ago, it seems that die-hard fans of the product demanded it be brought back into production. Never before has my skin felt so soft. I can't recommend it highly enough. 

5) Celine Trapeze
I have been crazy about this bag for so long, holding off a) because the price takes my breath away and b) because I could never decide on a colour combination. It seems like each season the bag just gets better and better. This most recent version with linen side panels is one I could seriously grow attached to. 

Hope you enjoyed my list! Let me know your current must haves in the comments below. xE

Okay, just one more obsession for good measure... I cannot get over THIS FACE! Love ya Brit.


  1. hahah love the brit face! and the celine bag is gorgeous
    xx mili

  2. I love this post! Do more of them. Your five faves are interesting and peak my curiosity. I really want to catch Anna Karenina now, and ... but a flask bracelet. *drool

  3. Love all of these. The flask bracelet looks amazing.

  4. The pumps are awesome, love them too. And do I need to write down how much I fancy Celine bags? :D

  5. wow!


  6. How amazing was Anna Karenina! That production design is seriously groundbreaking!


  7. Great post !! The bag and the pair of shoes are fabulous :)