Monday, November 19, 2018

Fall Essentials: The Tweed Dress

As I mentioned in my Instagram post last week, come autumn, my personal aesthetic begins to mimic my kindergarten uniform. Before graduating to a traditional kilt, my private school had all girls wear a plaid, sleeveless dress over a white button up, paired with knee socks or thick tights. Sound familiar? I always loved the routine of wearing my uniform, and customizing in the small ways that I could (blazer or cardigan? knee socks or tights?), and pushing the boundaries in terms of heel height, hair colour (I once dyed the bottom layer of my hair pink, which could only be seen if I put my hair up or twisted it into a bun), and accessories... I still miss my rhinestone Hello Kitty kilt pin that I purchased in Chinatown!

Turtleneck: Zara (similar here)
Tights: H&M *fleece-lined* - these are SO key for winter survival
Boots: Zara (similar here)
x E


  1. I love the looks of your red and white on black tweed SheIn button-front mini-dress!!!!!! I love the way you styled it with the black Zara turtleneck and black H+M tights.
    Great OOTD. You look extremely pretty, and your hair looks gorgeous.

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