Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sometimes (most times) I forget about things that I have in my closet. A reader reminded me of this dress a few weeks ago, which prompted me to dig it out of the back of my closet and I haven't stopped wearing it since. Outfit memory is similar to sense memory for me... putting this dress on, after not having touched it in three years, brings me back to my first year at U of T, to dates with an ex boyfriend and to fun nights out with my girlfriends in the city I'd recently moved back to.
These flats from Pixie Market are my new obsession. They sold out almost as soon as they went online, and I trolled the webpage every day after that until they restocked them in my size. They are basically the chicest flats I've ever owned and I've worn them almost every day since they showed up on my doorstep. They're sold out (again!) but you can find a kiiinda similar pair here or here.

Wearing an H&M dress, Tom Ford sunglasses (similar style here), Tory Burch bag (available here) and Pixie Market flats. x E


  1. You look beautiful!! I like your shoes and sunnies very much!

  2. awww the shoes <3<3 and the glasses... <3 and everything, hey :)

  3. I love when there are such strong memories attached to a piece of clothing that you find in your closet!
    Those shoes are definitely really stunning! Love them.

  4. That s a lovely dress,it would be a waste not to wear it.Love how you accessorized it ;)

  5. love your shoes and sunglasses!

  6. I love literally everything about this outfit, especially your hair <3 xo

  7. I have "outfit memory" as well. I love this dress - the print is gorgeous and I love all of the colours in it.

    xx from Montreal,


  8. Gorgeous look, darling!
    I love rediscovering items in my closet that I have forgotten about :)


  9. Thank you for your nice comment =)
    That's a really beautiful dress, I love the print!

  10. Your little bag is an absolute dream! The color is so wonderful :) Following you now.

    chīsana blogger

  11. i have that dress too! and i also forgot about it i will also wear it soon again! so funny:)
    x amber

  12. I love discovering old winners and having them become favourites again! This dress has such a great print, perfect for the summer.
    The flats, I love! Can't get enough ankle strap.
    Beautiful as always
    xo Cara

  13. Sometimes I love finding items of clothing that I haven't worn in a while. It's almost like the same feeling I get from the first time wearing it or buying it.
    It practically feels like a new item of clothing again! It feels revamped because most of the time you can wear it differently then when you first wore it, since you probably have new accessories.
    I LOVE nice printed dresses.
    That suede purse is gorgeous, and your sun-glass are super cute!


  14. Looking completely gorgeous as usual. I love the casual dress with the more dressy shoes and bag. Jojo xx

  15. I can see why those shoes sold out so quickly - they are fabulous!

  16. Who would have thought that your flats are currently trending with Alexander Wang.