Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September... I'm Back

September already... when did that happen? You'll have to excuse my absence over the past few weeks. Between being sick for (seemingly) weeks on end and trying to hold on to the last days of summer with all my might, the internet and technology in general have been difficult to stay on top of. But with a new month and a new season comes new changes. This week is the start of the Toronto International Film Fest, the highlight of my year, and I will be spending the majority of my life over the next two weeks holed up in dark movie theatres with fellow cinephiles - sounds like heaven!
I recently found these photos on my computer and at a time when I'm missing my uber long hair, seeing these photos taken right before I cut it couldn't make me feel more nostalgic. Another new change this Fall will be the process of trying to grow it back. Has anyone done this before? I welcome any and all tips.
Finally, as part of my summer clean up, I am beginning to de-clutter my life by trying to cut my wardrobe and keeping a third of what I have, donating a third to charity and selling a third of my lovely designer and old favourite pieces that I have (very sadly) grown out of. To check out what I have for sale, you can visit my eBay page here.

Wearing: Zara jacket (similar here and here), purse and blouse, Pixie Market shorts (similar styles here and here), Primark body chain, Report booties. x E


  1. So jealous you get to take in the TIFF! I wish I lived in Toronto for that one reason! I'm really curious about those two Denis Villeneuve films - you'll have to let me know how they are if you see them! Hope you have a blast!

    And I love your hair shorter much more, but totally understand your hair nostalgia! I got it BAD when I cut my hair short too!

    Bold Subtlety 

  2. That jacket is so cool, and I love how you mixed the pattern of the sleeves with the skirt. Youre also so stunning!! xx AtYourHeels

  3. Great jacket and shorts! I like this outfit a lot!


  4. I can't wait for more posts from you! I love the jacket sleeves and your hair looks beautiful here xo

  5. Nice to have you back! Looking great here. Love the sleeves on the jacket - looks so cool.

  6. Ahhhh so great to see you back! Have fun a TIFF!

  7. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that you were sick but I'm glad you're feeling better now! Gorgeous outfit!

    Xo, Hannah