Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Moves You

It was about a year ago that I realized I had some pretty unhealthy habits. After two years of lots of travelling, not drinking much water and eating whatever I wanted, I noticed a difference in my body - and not in a good way! After my realization, I started making small changes in my life - upping my water intake, eating more greens and trying to eliminate processed foods where I can. The biggest change I made was upping my bi-weekly yoga class attendance to going at least three times a week, walking more and lifting light weights. Now one year later, I've noticed a huge difference in not only my physical appearance, but also in my energy levels. This summer I'm adding hikes throughout some of Toronto's beautiful paths to my exercise routine. It's such a great way to get out of the bustling streets, breathe fresh air and spend time with the friends (both human and canine)
A big thank you to my puppy Bella for putting up with me on this hike and for being such a stellar model, and to Free People for these amazing FP Movement pieces. Check out the rest of the FP Movement Collection, including lines specifically for Surf, Ballet and Yoga HERE.

FP Movement Uintah Collection Pants (sold out, but shorts available here)
x E


  1. Love this FP Collection! You look amazing!

  2. Fresh air is the only thing that really helps for me. Also, I don't remember seeing you smile a lot. It looks good on you.

    / Avy

  3. Such a fun outfit! It's def. easier to work out in this kind of cool attire :D

  4. You are so stylish for working out! I wish I looked this cute, instead I am usually sporting a holey shirt haha.



  5. You look gorgeous! I just bought some Onzie workout leggings, I'm in love! I think you'd like them too xo

  6. This outfit is sooooo cute!! And good for you for increasing your activity levels : )