Monday, August 18, 2014

Gingham Smock Dress

The air has definitely started to cool here in Toronto - as sad as it is to say, Autumn is definitely making its presence known. Regardless, I'm hanging on to my summer dresses as long as I can. After a small closet re-organization a few weeks ago, I came across a bunch of dresses I'd been "saving" to wear at some point this summer and, of course, now that summer is ending, I have to get as much wear out of all of them as possible, so prepare for an influx of dress-heavy posts for the next little while.
Aside from that, my life is currently filled with wedding-related activities as my best friend is getting married on Friday! I'm so excited. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Topshop Dress (very similar dress here)
x E


  1. Simple but super cute outfit! You look beautiful :)

  2. Gorgeous and so simple! I'm so excited to head back to Canada at the end of this week xo

  3. Beautiful as always! Have fun at the wedding!!

  4. As long as you can wear summer dresses I'm happy. Love the shoes.

    / Avy

  5. You look so gorgeous! I'm obsessed with this dress. Plus has anyone ever told you, you look like Anna Sophie Robb??

  6. What an adorable dress!

    Xx Fatima